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S IZE – What diameter of hose do you need (inside/outside diameter requirements)?  How long should the assembly be and is the length an “overall” measurement or something else?

T EMPERATURE – What temperature is the media flowing through the hose?  What is the temperature surrounding the hose?

A PPLICATION – How is the hose being used?  Is it performing suction, discharge, or both?  Is the application in harsh conditions?  Is it a gravity based flow?  Are there specific functions required of the hose, such as expansion/contraction or vibration?

M EDIA – What type of material is flowing through the hose?  Is it abrasive, corrosive, water based, hydrocarbon based, etc.  It is critical to be specific and to check chemical compatibility.

P RESSURE – Is it a high or low pressure system (pressure can be relative so be specific)?  What are the min/max pressures, including any spikes or surges?  It is important to select a hose capable of handling any potential peaks.

E ND CONFIGURATION – What style of coupling will the hose get?  Consider thread type: JIS, JIC, NPT, NST, NPSH, ORB, OFS/ORS, etc.  Other considerations might be straight, 45°, 90°, and any special adapters that may be needed to complete the connection.

D ELIVERY – What is the lead time on delivery?  How will the product be delivered (UPS, FedEx, Will-Call) and does it need to be expedited?

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